:: Range of Products ::

SKG has the widest product range in the industry which ensures overall reduction in the cost. In just over 5 years SKG has won the continued confidence of core industries like Steel, Cement, Glass, Copper, Non-Ferrous Metals, Chemical & Engineering industries etc. etc. The range of product includes Magnesia Carbon and Alumina, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Magnesite, Magnesia Chrome Bricks, Chrome Magnesia bricks, Fire clay and High Alumina bricks and various types of monolithic items.

Products :-

Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Alumina Magnesia Carbon & Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon
Magnesite Bricks
Magnesite Chrome, Chrome Magnesite, Chromite Bricks
Mag-Al Spinel
Direct bonded Basic Bricks
Basic Mortar, Ramming Mass, Gunning Mass
Fire Clay And High Alumina Bricks

Fire Clay And High Alumina Bricks
High Alumina Mortars
High Alumina Ramming Mass
Conventional Castables
Low Cement Castables

Spinel Bonded Basic Bricks Zircon & Zirmul
Ultra Low Cement Castables
Tundish Spraying Mass


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